Governance and Regulation of AI from the Perspective of Autonomy and Privacy / CPDP 2022

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The EU is the first ‘global player’ to propose a legal framework for the development and use of AI. The EU AI Act adds another layer of regulation for the governance of data infrastructures, which are also addressed by GDPR and other EU instruments. This panel discusses and considers the impact of this overhauled governance framework. The central question is whether the proposed AI governance framework is capable of comprehensively and effectively addressing concerns around privacy and autonomy which arise during the development and use of AI systems. The speakers share observations on gender and stigmatisation, group autonomy and abnormal justice, as well as security (Facial Recognition and Predictive Policing). These sectoral perspectives open a more holistic discussion on how much governance of AI is desirable/needed and whether the EU approach to AI governance will establish a global benchmark.

• How should AI governance address group interests, group privacy and abnormal justice?
• How can governance mechanisms mitigate automated stigmatisation and discrimination related to gender?
• What does the use of live facial recognition mean for ‘public’ space, and should police be allowed to test these biometric technologies in real settings?
• How will the design and deployment of predictive policing systems be affected by the EU AI Act?
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