Higher-order ecological interactions within pathogenic communities

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Microbes interact with each other in various ways within an ecosystem. When investigating interactions with more than two interacting members, complexity is added to a system in the form of higher-order interactions. Higher-order interactions can potentially alter the response to a biotic or abiotic environment encountered by an organism. Even though higher-order interactions play an important role in microbial ecology and evolution, they are still poorly understood and are mostly investigated theoretically. We showed the presence of higher-order interactions by measuring interactions between uropathogenic bacteria in environments with increasing levels of complexity,starting from pairwise interactions. We found that pairwise bacterial interactions could often not predict the higher-order interactions with respect to population size and growth rate. Our findings show the importance of higher-order interactions in small pathogenic communities, and the need fora better consensus on the quantification of higher-order ecological interactions.
EvenementstitelNetherlands Society for Evolutionary Biology Meeting 2022
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