Historical Perspective Taking in primary school history textbooks

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Historical Perspective Taking (HPT) entails the mental activity of seeing through the eyes of people who lived in times and circumstances sometimes far removed from our present-day lives (Seixas & Morton, 2013). HPT, with its aim to understand people different from ourselves, has some similarities with perspective taking in social relations in present-day situations. In this context, the skill of perspective taking is often labeled as Social Perspective Taking (cf. Johnson, 1975, Gehlbach, 2004, 2011).

The skill of perspective taking is considered important in primary school citizenship education . The history classroom might be a fruitful environment to practice this skill using HPT but it is unclear to what extent primary school teachers are able to teach the historical skill of HPT. Because primary school teachers are not history experts they tend to stick to history textbooks (e.g., Khawaja & Puustinen, 2022; Rantala & Khawaja, 2021). Therefore, this study focuses on three often used history textbooks in Dutch primary education and the way they present and foster HPT. With a coding scheme we analyze the way in which these textbooks foster HPT through the texts pupils have to read and the assignments they have to make. We also analyze the teacher-guides to see how these text-books instruct the teachers in their guiding of the learning process of the historical skill HPT.
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