Inaugural meeting of the Gender, Diversity and Inequalities research group

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Gender, Diversity, and Inequalities Research Group
Gender equality and diversity are globally recognised as prerequisites for achieving sustainable development and democratic governance, giving all social groups an equal voice in decision-making, policy implementation and the achievement of the SDGs. For truly democratised societies, institutions need the full and active participation of women, who make up around half of the population in all countries, as well as people disadvantaged due to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, class and other characteristics (which may also intersect with each other). Addressing gender and social inequalities is an important component of sustainable development (SDG5 and SDG10) and therefore essential for sustainable democracy.
However, despite widespread democratisation in most countries and the struggle of feminist and other emancipatory movements, many communities remain systematically underrepresented in the processes and positions that shape their societies and their own lives. These include leadership and decision-making positions in health, politics, business, research, innovation, science and technology.
The Gender, Diversity and Inequalities Research Group aims to understand the processes – at structural, cultural, and individual levels – that undermine gender and social equality by addressing them from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, such as psychology, sociology, economics, political science, law, gender studies, communication studies, arts, history, philosophy, and to work creatively with non-academic stakeholders (e.g., governmental, non-governmental or private organisations) in research, education and activism projects to promote a sustainably inclusive society.
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