Innovation as ideology and the ideology of innovation. A longitudinal analysis of journalistic actors’ strategic construction of innovation

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    This paper offers a longitudinal analysis and critical discussion of how innovation in journalism has been understood throughout the last three decades, and how this understanding also entails a vision of journalism’s future, and therefore drives and shapes journalism’s development towards that future. In this digital era in which traditional business models fail and journalism struggles to preserve its role as “the sense-making practice” of democratic society (Hartley 1996), journalists and scholars alike have embraced innovation as something of a panacea to safeguard journalism’s future. This is evidenced by many funding schemes, think tanks, and journalism ‘labs’, which all aim to foster innovation. This ‘innovation culture’ is rooted in the conviction that due to the “exceptional contemporary conditions” journalism needs to change fundamentally and “shed many of its historical accretions” (Creech & Nadler, 2017). However, while journalism has often changed and developed, not every change or development is recognized as innovation. Yet being recognized as being ‘innovative’ plays an important role in the success of actors within the journalistic field.
    EvenementstitelFuture of Journalism 2021: Overcoming Obstacles in Journalism
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