Integrating evidence: understanding the impact of mobility on past lifeways in Roman Greece

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Our research focuses on the mortuary sphere and aims to integrate a wide variety of available evidence for understanding how changing mobility and increased connectivity in the Roman Empire impacted lifeways and society. We will present the main principles of an integrated interdisciplinary approach, bringing together osteological, isotopic, archaeological and historical data, to demonstrate how it can be achieved and its importance for the interpretation of life in the past. Coupling bioarchaeological data with a thorough contextual analysis enables us to explore variation among social groups and change through time at sites across Macedonia, the Peloponnese and Crete in the Early Roman period. We consider how sites with different characteristics and locations were differentially impacted by the socio-economic changes that occurred across these provinces at this time of increased connectivity. Our integrated interdisciplinary approach enables us to achieve better understanding of life and society in Roman Greece.
Evenementstitel5th Annual Meeting of the Necropolis Research Network
LocatieAthens, GreeceToon op kaart
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