Integration of exotic plants into native insect herbivore networks

  • Menno Schilthuizen (Speaker)
  • Kim Meijer (Contributor)
  • Smit, C. (Contributor)
  • Barbara Gravendeel (Contributor)
  • Beukeboom, L. (Contributor)

Activiteit: Academic presentationAcademic


As time since establishment increases, exotic plants tend to gather a denser network of native herbivores and at the same time become less invasive. Understanding the development of such exotic-native networks is therefore crucial to forecasting the long-term effects of species invasions. We studied the tritrophic aspects of developing insect communities on introduced plants in the Netherlands. We found numerous complex eco-evolutionary interactions that suggest that one-dimensional invasive species management may not always be fruitful.
EvenementstitelNetherlands Annual Ecology Meeting 2017
Organisator Netherlands Ecological Research Network (NERN)
LocatieLunteren, NetherlandsToon op kaart
Mate van erkenningInternational