International Conference of Environmental Psychology (ICEP) 2023

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    Symposium: Social and Temporal Dynamics within Environmental Psychology

    To achieve sustainability transitions, it is key to understand environmental behaviour and its predictors over time. As these phenomena influence each other over time, adopting a dynamic perspective is crucial. However, such dynamic processes underlying environmental behaviour are often neglected. Instead, static models and measurements remain the prominent approach. With a dynamic approach, continuous changes in time and feedback processes can be addressed that characterise a sustainability transition. Environmental behaviours can depend on personal and environmental and social contextual factors. Likewise, these predictors may be influenced by changes in environmental behaviour, generating feedback processes. Further, social dynamics can emerge based on interactions among individuals that can influence each other. Understanding these dynamics on the individual and social level is highly relevant to explain the processes in environmental behaviour.

    Adopting a socially and temporally dynamic perspective can yield considerable progress for theory development and practical applicability. This symposium presents research that conceptualises and measures phenomena, such as perceived inconsistencies and norm learning, in a dynamic way. All contributions to this symposium use simulation techniques or agent-based modelling as these methods, and novel theorising, complement each other. The symposium aims to raise awareness for this emerging high-potential research area and function as a platform for exchange for future research.
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