Keeping up to date the new way: Apps, Content Curation & Aggregation Tools

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    Supporting and facilitating medical professionals in education, patient-care and research is the main focus for medical and health librarians. We constantly have to attempt to make their workflow more efficient and easier. To be able to advice patrons about efficient ways of keeping up to date, we have to know ourselves what tools are out there. Because if we do not advice them, they will (have to) find out themselves, with a risk of missing out on relevant resources or possibilities. No one tool fits all. It is all about knowing in detail what a patron wants and match it with tools that can facilitate that most efficiently. And the options for them to choose from are almost limitless either for free or via commercial parties. In my workshop I want to go more into more detail on these possibilities. I will picture the scope of common practices and possibilities, as complete as possible. Showcased by various licensed and free web tools. Email alerts, Saved search, RSS and Readers, Table of Contents, Apps by Publishers and content providers will be discussed, but especially Journal Apps plus Web Media content aggregation and curation will take the main part of this course. The aim of this course is an extensive update of the numerous possibilities to keep up to date for librarians and medical professionals on medical scientific publications and news. The latest developments of content aggregation and curation offers opportunities for librarians to not just keep up to date, but also to share and publish the acquired knowledge among colleagues and patrons. After the course the librarian will be able to more efficiently keeping him-/herself up to date and have a broad knowledge of a wide range of tools to advice to patrons.
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