Marc Ratcliff

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[My description.] Piaget's infancy trilogy has been massively influential, but it was also criticized for being based solely on Piaget's observations of his own children. However, the notebooks that recorded these observations were not included among the papers donated to the Piaget Archives when this was founded originally in the 1970s. Instead, his son (Laurent) kept them. They were then given to Marc Ratcliff (our speaker) along with the contents of the Piaget Villa in 2012. This then provides the basis for Marc's presentation: he will show how the notebooks changed over time, and how Piaget engaged with the text in order to turn the observations into the data that informed his books. In short: behind the infancy trilogy is a rudimentary qualitative method that Piaget invented as he worked. Marc will walk us through the process, and show how the tags changed as Piaget constructed the basis for the theory of child development that made him famous.
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