Meet Your Future in the Digital World

  • Leonardo Arriagada (Invited speaker)

    Activiteit: Academic presentationAcademic


    We're excited to bring together companies from Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe with English-speaking job seekers - both Dutch job seekers and internationals.

    The theme of this career event is digital, and we will put together a program to showcase digital companies, jobs and projects from the Northern Netherlands.

    What's digital?
    We're not just talking about software and apps here; all jobs and companies that have something to do with working digitally are welcome here. So that includes design (UX, UI, graphic design), e-commerce, cybersecurity, online marketing, artificial intelligence, social media, content management, (serious) gaming, virtual reality, augmented reality, copywriting for online purposes, blockchain etc.
    EvenementstitelMeet Your Future in the Digital World
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