Memristor-based Cognitive Network Packet Processors

  • Saleh, S. (Speaker)
  • Boris Koldehofe (Contributor)

Activiteit: Academic presentationAcademic


The current internet architecture comprises of a series of data processing entities, called packet processors, requiring high energy consumption and lacking cognitive functionalities for the Internet traffic. With the discovery of a novel physical component Memristor, the network packet processors can provide cognitive functions with less energy consumption than the prior state-of-the-art techniques. The combination of storage and computation inside the memristors can efficiently deploy neuromorphic computing models on network packet processors along with a decrease in the energy consumption and latency. In this talk, I would present the cognitive models & network functions using the memristor-based novel computing architectures for use in network packet processors.
EvenementstitelNeuromorphic Computing in the Netherlands
LocatieNijmegen, NetherlandsToon op kaart
Mate van erkenningInternational