Nataša Knežević

    Activiteit: Hosting a visitorAcademic


    Hosting visitors from LingLab, U Nantes on research visit to CLCG Acquisition Lab

    As part of the activities for Van Hout's Van Gogh collaboration with the University of Nantes, 5 researchers from came on a workvisit to the CLCG Acquisition Lab to discuss ongoing work with Bart Hollebrandse and Van Hout. Two PhD students came for 2 weeks, and 2 other PhD students plus their supervisor came for 3 days. At the end of this workvisit Van Hout organized a 2-day workshop with speakers from Nantes and Groningen. The visitors were: Nataša Knežević Jiyoung Choi Sophie Moracchini Aurore Gonzalez Prof. Hamida Demirdache
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