Nationhood and Religion in Hellenistic-Roman Judaea

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Co-organiser of conference: Nationhood and Religion in Hellenistic-Roman Period Judaism, Groningen 21-23 June

This conference is made possible by generous grants from the European Association for Jewish Studies (EAJS), the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), and the Nicolaas Mulerius Fund (University of Groningen)

A significant development in the study of ancient history and ancient Judaism is the increasing attention paid by some scholars to Greek, Latin, and Hebrew ways of understanding and categorizing the world and its populations. While modern concepts of state and race have long been considered inapplicable to antiquity, newer research has questioned also the utility of the familiar ‘religion’ (e.g., Rives, Nongbri, Boyarin, Mason). Might a re-imagining of the world in ancient terms aid our self-understanding? After years of relevant debate, and given the possible importance of these issues for modern reflection on Jewish identity, Zionism, and modes of ‘Diaspora’ belonging, the time seems right for a closer examination of both methodological foundations and concrete applications.
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LocatieGroningen, Netherlands
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