NVTAG Symposium: Fitting, or one-size-fits-all

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On November 24, the NVTAG organized a symposium on the theme personalized healthcare titled “Fitting or One-Size-Fits-All”. After the participants were welcomed at the Domstad with some coffee and sandwiches Caroline van der Meijden opened the symposium. Three PhD candidates were selected to present their exciting research. Sajad Emamipour from the University of Groningen kicked off the program by giving an insight into how risk prediction models can be used to optimize screening strategies aimed at the detection of diabetic retinopathy or diabetic foot ulcers in diabetes patients. Next up was Carina Behr from the University of Twente. In her presentation, Carina showed her impressive effort in modelling screening for three important diseases (lung cancer, coronary heart disease, COPD) and the challenges faced during the project. The third PhD candidate providing a presentation was Xinyu Li from the University of Groningen. Xinyu showed how patient characteristics and clinical data can be combined to construct data-driven patient sub-groups instead of risk-driven sub-groups and how this clustering of patients can potentially be used to optimize the clinical management of diabetes patients. Both the organization and audience were impressed not only by the scientific work presented by the PhD candidates but also by the delivery of their message and lively discussion with the audience.
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