Origins of Life - From evolution of planets to sparkles of life

  • Omer Markovitch (Speaker)

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On Monday, March 14th, when the Science Café Nijmegen opens its doors again, we will walk back the origin of life, starting from the formation of inhabitable planets up to the aggregation of the first life forms. Planetary physicist Dennis Höning (Vrije Universiteit) studies the evolution of planets, modelling the exchange of carbonates between the mantle and the atmosphere. Subduction zones and thermal spots are among the factors that allow for the accumulation of enough carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to keep our planet habitable. By applying his models to exoplanetary data, he can assist the search for life beyond our Solar System. Omer Markovitch, chemist from Groningen University, will introduce us to the complex mechanisms of prebiotic evolution. He focuses on the numerous steps that matter must accomplish before life sparkles, in the process that took us from simple molecules into cellular structures.
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