Participation X Action

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    For whom is citizen participation valuable and how does it drive actions towards systemic change? During the Participatory City Making symposium PARTICIPATION x ACTION on 20 February participants will critically reflect on the value of Participatory City Making processes.

    The symposium is open to everybody (citizens, policy makers, designers and researchers) interested in the topic and will take place on 20 February in the IDE Arena at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (TU Delft). We will start at 14:00 (walk-in 13:45). The programme includes a presentation on the different insights gained, a panel discussion with the audience, a preview of upcoming projects and an exhibition of project tools.
    Participatory City Making is an NWO funded Research through Design project awarded to associate professor Ingrid Mulder (TU Delft), in collaboration with Drift, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and the municipality of Rotterdam. This will be the final event of the project, reflecting on the insights so far, and the start of many more interesting projects to come.
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