PhD Day Groningen 2018

Roos, C. (Chair), Riccardo Iacovelli (Organiser), Kruitwagen, A. (Member of scientific committee), Cadena Sandoval, M. (Organiser), Hataitip Tasena (Organiser), Blikmans, M. (Organiser), Mózsik, L. (Organiser), Barzeva, S. (Organiser), Gurung, K. (Organiser), Nagy, R. (Member of scientific committee), Papadopoulou, M. (Member of scientific committee), Tilstra, E. (Member of scientific committee), Ogundipe, V. (Member of scientific committee), Yang, J. (Organiser), Aurora Signorazzi (Organiser), Tran, B. M. (Organiser), Rengers, J. (Organiser), Rezaei, S. (Organiser), Fagundes Rosa, R. (Organiser)

Activiteit: Organising and contributing to an event Academic


Chair and members of the organizing committee of PhD Day Groningen 2018, which is the biggest educational and career event in the BeNeLux organized for and by PhD students.
LocatieGroningen, Netherlands
Mate van erkenningInternational