PMOD Training Course (Autumn 2015)

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PBA - PMOD Basic Application Course (September 28-29, 2015) The aim of this 2-day course is to teach the participants the effective use of the major PMOD tools. Short presentations will outline the principles behind the different types of data analysis. The core of the course will be a series of guided exercises on the computer. Spare time will be devoted to individual practice using the PMOD Basic Workbook and to interaction with the trainers. PAP - PMOD Small Animal Image Processing Course (September 30, 2015) This proven 1-day course covers the specific aspects of small animal imaging when working with PMOD. The participants will be trained in the processing of small animal data using PMOD and will learn the principles and special techniques required for the meaningful analysis of the uptake in small tissue structures. PST - PMOD Statistics Course (October 1, 2015) This recently launched 1-day course aims to train the participants in using PMOD for the meaningful statistical analysis of study data, particularly in the presence of multiple regional outcome values. The participants will learn the major statistical concepts relevant for their research, and will be taught how to leverage the statistical power available in the current PMOD version, in order to obtain sound results when comparing populations.
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