Rediscovering Hidden Deventer: Spaces of Knowledge in an Early Modern Dutch City

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    The paper will reconstruct “public” cultural and religious life in Deventer, a town located in the Eastern part of the Netherlands, through the study of specific places and spaces where this “knowledge” was produced, disseminated and transformed. Very much in line with recent research trends, stressing the relevance of “mapping” cultural and religious transformations and of reconstructing “geographies” of knowledge, the paper will discuss to what extent the production, dissemination and transformation of knowledge was influenced by its “localization” and will focus on the agents involved in this process. As “city of books”, seat to a famous Latin school, cradle of an influential religious movement (the Modern Devotion) and with lively international commercial activities, Deventer is an outstanding testcase for the application of spatial theories to the study of premodern history.
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