Reflections on the future of Europe: "What does it mean to be European today?"

Ballas, D. (Invited speaker)

Activiteit: Academic presentationAcademic


Social surveys such as the Eurobarometer have long been used to capture identification with Europe and a form of belonging and European identity.

Respondents are asked about the degree to which they feel citizens of the EU and their attachment to Europe as opposed or compared to their town or village, their region or their country.

The talk engaged with relevant questions and statistics and at the same time it attempted to address the question asked by Bono:

"What would it take for Europe to become a feeling?"

To that end the talk also engaged with issues pertaining to what are considered to be pan-European and universal human ideals (including views on human rights, the environment and social cohesion).

It also considered temporal and geographical variations of identification with Europe between different countries and regions.
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