Regulation, Digitalisation and Sustainability in the energy sector

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During the conference Green Economics 4.0 organized by the Green Economics Institute (UK), I presented three case studies where digitalisation is contributing to make the energy sector more sustainable and posing regulatory challenges in matters such as privacy, transparency, cybersecurity, the rules of evidence, and the role of citizens in monitoring:

-New technologies for methane emissions measurement, reporting and verification from oil and gas production
-Electricity smart meters
-Citizen sensing technologies

Digitalisation will transform the traditional form of monitoring the efficiency and environmental impacts of energy activities and demand profound transformations of regulators, including their roles in data analytics, and recognize new actors in the monitoring process

Glad to have been in this panel with Alexandra Harrington Director Center for Global Governance, Monika Sobiecki Privacy and Cybersecurity Barrister, and moderated by Sukriti Anand.
EvenementstitelGreen Economics 4.0: Economics, Innovation and Sustainability