Resident Leadership Program, UMCG 2021

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    The Resident Leadership Programme started last February with eight enthusiastic physician assistants in training to become medical specialists. On 1 July 2021, this line of learning concluded with a symposium. It was an instructive course and wonderful initiatives emerged from it, of which one quality project 'aios in the lead' has now been implemented in the UMCG.

    This made us decide to continue this wonderful development for a new group of driven aios. The theme this time is: resilience

    Personal leadership is about responsibilities and taking control of your life. This applies in particular to you as a leader: standing up for yourself but also looking out for others. Part of growing as a leader is to always be willing to extend your capabilities and strengths and do your best. It is about persevering, dealing with setbacks and overcoming resistance.

    But it is also about daring, being courageous and having confidence in yourself. You need this as a Leader to push yourself forward and advocate for your point of view. But also to dare to reflect, ask for support and proactively look for new opportunities. These ingredients are part of the Resident Leadership Programme, you hole apply them not only when facing challenges but also to develop new thinge. Such as your project to promote resilience of others that at the same time is a means of personal leadership.
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