Responsible Communication: explore why (visual) language matters for a sustainable future

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The event is launching RESPONSUS, a special interest group focusing on responsibility, language, and communication. Our goal is to draw attention to the societal – and specifically to the discourse and communication – angle of sustainable development.

The event will kick off with a talk that demonstrates the crucial role that (visual) language plays in shaping our perceptions of reality. This includes how we think about climate change, how we navigate and make sense of an increasingly globalised world, or how we make personal and political decisions. The talk will make a compelling case for greater language awareness in our society – an awareness that we will hone during the next part of the event!

Following the talk, you will have the opportunity to attend pop-up workshops that offer practical insights into the workings of language and visual communication. We will cover a range of topics, such as audio-visual communication, metaphor analysis, pragmatics, ecolinguistics, and critical approaches to discourse. Our interactive activities will help you notice the finer details in language and images that typically remain below the level of consciousness.

The event will culminate in a networking session, giving attendees the chance to reflect on why language and visual communication matter in the context of their own discipline.
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