Science and communication: Navigating without drowning in an ocean of information

Activiteit: Professional or public presentationProfessional


Contemporary societies are exposed to continuous waves of information, producing large amounts of news and opinions in different formats at different moments in

time. Scientific research is not immune to this phenomenon. Recently, the vaccination debate as well as the outbreak of COVID-19 have offered two prominent cases of conflict between expert knowledge, communication of scientific information, and its reception by the general public. How does the public navigate in this ocean of information? What can be expected from the scientists as producers of scientific knowledge? How can the general public distinguish between facts, fake news, and opinions, and how relevant is the way in which this information is communicated?

The aim of this symposium is to present different perspectives on the 3 facets of science communication (producers, targets, and modality) and to foster a multi- disciplinary debate on this issue. The symposium will be divided in short presentations followed by a general open discussion (30 mins.) Dr. Anja Smykowski will chair the meeting.
EvenementstitelNothing But the Truth : BCN symposium on trust and truth in science
LocatieGroningen, NetherlandsToon op kaart