Script Culture and Identity in Southern Italy

Irving, A. (Organiser), Richard Gyug (Organiser)

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    This workshop is intended to to facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration among the international team of twenty-six authors from across disciplines contracted for a new « Brill Companion to the Beneventan Zone » (scheduled publication : summer 2020).

    The Companion constitutes a re-examination of E.A. Lowe’s idea of the « Beneventan Zone » from an interdisciplinary perspective. With the expansion of scholarship and publication on manuscripts in the Beneventan script and the culture of the Beneventan Zone, a review of work in the field is a timely desideratum. While individual works review scholarship on their research topics, no single work has summarized the state of the question or asked how the various disciplinary questions relate to a general understanding of the culture of the zone as a whole.

    As important as a review of the scholarship will be, therefore, a guiding principle for the workshop (and the Companion) is consideration of how the « Beneventan Zone » and its culture have been defined and presented.

    For such a volume, it is critical that we are aware of how each field is defining or redefining the « Zone » ways that do not always agree or overlap. The Rome KNIR Workshop will therefore be divided into four sessions, each comprising a structured discussion revolving around one of the parts of the Companion : 1. Written Cultures ; 2. Material Cultures ; 3. Ritual Cultures : Music and Liturgy ; 4. Cultures of Learning/Scientific Cultures. In each case contributing scholars are asked to present briefly key aspects of her or his contribution (including summation of the major turns in scholarship in the Zone in her or his field in the last decades), or to express central questions or problems that she or he aims to address.

    An overarching question posed by the study day is : how can the individual discipinary perspectives (and sources) contribute to or complicate Lowe’s notion of the « Beneventan Zone » ? The concern of the Workshop is less to redefine the Zone, than to articulate more clearly and with greater subtlety how the Zone happened, i.e., in what ways the cultural, political, economic, and scribal spaces of Southern Italy express and distinguish themselves, and operate in relation to each other.

    This one-day, structured expert-meeting, facilitated by the editors Irving and Gyug, will enable the Companion to be more cohesive, act as a catalyst for the writing process, and furnish the editors with useful material for an introduction that will express more clearly and efficiently views or problems shared by the contributors.
    LocatieRome, Italy
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