Student Well-being in Times of COVID-19. Basic Psychological Need Satisfaction and Frustration Within the University Learning Environment

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Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, university student well-being appeared to be substantially compromised. This study aimed to investigate how basic psychological need satisfaction and frustration related to student well-being in terms of general and emotional well-being. To this end, we created a survey including the WHO-5 and PANAS as well-being measures, the Basic Psychological Needs Satisfaction and Frustration scale (BPNSF) to measure students’ need satisfaction, and additional open-ended questions. Altogether, 683 students responded to the survey. Multiple regression analyses indicated that need satisfaction was related to positive, whereas need frustration was related to negative affect. For general well-being, however, both satisfaction and frustration appeared significant. Qualitative findings emphasised the importance of interpersonal interaction in times of social disruption. Furthermore, students provided various suggestions regarding their ideal educational new normal. These findings provide insights into first directions for shaping the post-pandemic academic system, emphasising psychological health and belongingness.
EvenementstitelEARLI SIG 1&4 joint conference 2022: Exploring research synergies to learn from each other
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