The Aesthetic Value of AI-Art (Artificial Intelligence-Generated Art)

  • Leonardo Arriagada (Keynote speaker)

    Activiteit: Academic presentationAcademic


    Can an Artificial Intelligence system create artworks? What defines creativity and art? And are they properly human abilities? Leonardo Arriagada, PhD (c) in Philosophy with a major in Aesthetics and Art Theory, will reflect on the myths, prejudices and scope of art created by computers and Artificial Intelligence. He will focus on the opportunities and possibilities of thinking about AI-Art from the perspective of aesthetic value, thus problematising its social dimension and the categories of authorship, collaboration and audience reception. In addition, it will explore the different aesthetic machinic capacities generated by the crossover between art and technology, which would allow us to broaden our gaze, appreciate the potentialities and open up to a new form of art.
    EvenementstitelIII Seminario Internacional de Desarrollo de Públicos: Futuros Posibles: Públicos y Participación Cultural en Un Mundo en Transformación
    LocatieSantiago, ChileToon op kaart
    Mate van erkenningInternational