The dynamics and diversity of the mycosphere virome

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Viruses are abundant entities in most biomes on Earth and their role in ecosystem processes is essential.However, the viruses in soil ecosystems have been overlooked due to the challenging sampling and cultivation approaches. The current next-generation sequencing techniques have revolutionized the study of environmental viruses. Here, I hypothesize that soils contain high viral diversities, especially the mycosphere. The ecological role of viruses for mycosphere bacterial communities is, however, underexplored. In this study, I found that the mycospheres of two fungi, i.e. Russula ochroleuca and R. emetica, contain as-yet-undescribed viral communities. Most viruses found were predicted to infect Proteobacteria, including Paraburkholderia and Burkholderia spp. The analysis of the genomes of selected viruses showed that phages related to φ 437/VC20 were abundant across two mycospheres. These phages, infecting mycosphere Paraburkholderia spp., were found to contain a gene, amrZ, that may encode a protein involved in modulation of biofilm formation. On another notice, a contig epresenting another phage, denoted VC14, from bulk soil populations, and predicted to infect Paraburkholderia spp.,was found to encompass a gene encoding a phasin; this protein may advance host growth in nutrient-limited environments.
EvenementstitelNetherlands Annual Ecology Meeting 2020
Organisator Netherlands Ecological Research Network (NERN)
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