The Pollino archaeological landscape project, archaeology and ethnography of past and present pastoral practices in the Pollino mountains (Southern Italy)

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One of the main objectives of the Pollino Archaeological Landscape Project (PALP) is the study of pastoral use of the Pollino mountain range (southern Italy) from its origins to the present day. Archaeological and environmental survey as well as the recording of abandoned pastoral structures were key activities in the first two field seasons (2020 and 2021). To this we added an interview in 2022 with a pastoralist who still had remembrances of daily life in the upland summer camp of Mandra Vecchia located at ca. 1910 m altitude near the major mountain pass known as the Grande Porta del Pollino. The interview was highly informative on the spatial, logistic, productive and social organisation of the camp of which we had documented the material remains. We also held an interview with a pastoralist still actively involved in cattle herding and discussed today’s practices in comparison with past practices. In our paper we will discuss two topics. Firstly, our academic interest in the reconstruction of mountain economies over the longue durée. Secondly, the contribution we can make to share a valuable cultural
heritage known with a wider audience in the context of the Pollino Mountain range as one of Italy’s UNESCO Global Geoparks. To this end PALP collaborates closely with the governing body of the Parco Nazionale Del Pollino that generously supports the team logistically and financially.
Evenementstitel29th European Association of Archaeologists Annual Meeting: Weaving Narratives
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