The social animal

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Can you smell fear?
Why do some people believe in conspiracy theories?
When and how do people radicalize?
What can you really tell from someone’s face?

During The social animal fifteen social psychologists talk about the newest developments in their area of expertise. The timing is set: each speaker will use 20 slides that are shown for exactly 20 seconds each. The ultimate recipe for thrilling and stimulating presentations!

Professor Tom Postmes will talk about collective discontent. Polarisation and protests are everywhere, the established institutions are wavering and dictatorships are on the rise. But why? And what can the government do about it? Postmes is a professor at Groningen University and his research focuses on mass psychology and the group dynamics of unrest and upheaval. The evening will be guided by Sofie van den Enk, she presents televisions programs on the national Dutch television channels 3, 1 en Z@pp and has her own radio show on 3 FM.
LocatieUtrecht, NetherlandsToon op kaart
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