Thinking about (global) connectivity and the analogue/digital divide

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    We live in an age of exacerbated connectivity where nothing is far and no one is anonymous and unreachable any more… or so the digital promise holds. In a similar way in which power/knowledge has been argued by Foucault and many others to constitute an epistemic basis for understanding order and governance, it can be argued that power/connectivity provides an epistemic vehicle for making sense of our digital times. But, do we live in digital times, and if so, how do digital connections and effects relate to analogue ones? Is life digital or analogue, and can subjectivity be analysed under these terms? This roundtable aims to demystify the digital age and its possibilities by reflecting on the epistemological basis of the digital/analogue divide.
    EvenementstitelGLOBE Winter School 2019
    LocatieLeysan, SwitzerlandToon op kaart
    Mate van erkenningInternational