Training Program for Epidemiologist B

Thomas Wieringa (Other)

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    Registration as an Epidemiologist B is a proof of epidemiological expertise needed to function in epidemiological research and education and in advising or preparing policy regarding (public) health issues. In the context of this training program, I attended and successfully took the exams for the following EpidM courses:
    - Systematic reviews and meta-analysis (03/2016 – 04/2016)
    - Medical basic knowledge (01/2017 – 05/2017)
    - Clinimetrics: Assessing Measurement Properties of Health Measurement (01/2017)
    - Missing data: consequences and solutions (01/2017)
    - Longitudinal data-analysis (09/2016 – 10/2016)
    Gehouden opVereniging voor Epidemiologie (VvE), Netherlands
    Mate van erkenningNational