Video series Module 2: Addressing Sex as a Biological Variable in Preclinical Research

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The goal of the video training series is to provide practical guidance to preclinical researchers on incorporating sex as a biological variable into their current and future research.

Across this video series, we will demonstrate:

Why research inclusive of both sexes is important for increasing scientific rigor and the health of both men and women;
Why common misconceptions arguing against the inclusion of both sexes into preclinical research are outdated;
How including both sexes into preclinical research can open new areas of research and advance patient-centered treatment solutions.
The content of these training videos is distributed across three modules:

Module 1: Primer of Sex Differences in Brain and Behavior
Module 2: Incorporating Sex as a Biological Variable Throughout the Experimental Process
Module 3: Sex as a Biological Variable in Pharmacology Studies
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