Virtual roundtable on the interlinkages between Artificial Intelligence and Earth System Governance

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    The increasing relevance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in areas like agriculture, security, natural resource management, health and human-machine interaction raises questions that link to core concerns of Earth System Governance research. Intelligent machines represent new actors in the governance landscape that moderate the way in which humans engage with resources and with their natural environment. On the one hand, they can lead to more efficiency, precision and foresight in areas like industry and transport, providing a way to minimize environmental harm and better anticipate or mitigate environmental catastrophe. On the other hand, the production and use of AI is linked to differences in power and can be used in ways that are destructive to both social and environmental systems, for example in the course of wars or in authoritarian systems that use intelligent surveillance systems. As such, AI is a double-edged sword, or ‘dual-use’ technology, that holds both promises and perils for the future of democracy and environmental governance. Further, while much of the research in this area focuses on the legal, political and ethical implications for humans, scant work assesses how AI might affect other entities present in the environment or entire ecosystems. This session aims to explore these linkages and gaps in the format of a virtual roundtable, in which invited experts are asked to present their take on several key questions. After this initial discussion, sufficient time will remain for conference participants to engage with the invited speakers in a Q&A session.
    EvenementstitelEarth System Governance 2020: Between precarity and possibility: Implications of disruption for Earth System Governance
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