Visionary thinking: The world after a green and just transition

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    What will the world look like after a just transition?

    This was the central question of the closing event of the Sustainable Global Economic Law Summer School organized by the University of Amsterdam, where I had the pleasure of participating as guest speaker along with Usha Natarajan (Edward W Said Fellow at Columbia University), Ivana Isailovic (assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam), activist Pippi van Ommen and writer Anne Hofstra.

    The closing event was a female panel held at Mediamatic (Amsterdam) that envisioned a collective future from the perspectives of the energy transition, sustainability, gender inequalities, law, activism and arts.

    Our audience was made up of a group of brilliant emerging scholars from Brazil, the Netherlands, the US, India, Jordan, Italy, Ecuador, + and residents of Amsterdam interested in sustainability issues.

    For this occasion, I prepared a special speech using storytelling, interdisciplinary observations and powerful images to convey my message. During my intervention, I shared what fundamental questions and events influenced me to work in the field of energy law; and inspired by the field of environmental psychology, I introduced the concept of “social cognitive dissonance”: the discomfort that people experience living in environments of unsustainable growth.

    The event concluded with a collective art activity where the audience and the speakers joined to share and visualize ideas about the future of the world by 2050. This was a successful example of how social sciences and art can converge to make people reflect on the most urgent topics of our times.
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