A new way global warming kills birds

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Detailed report on our result that increased daily temperature range increases bird mortality.




  • TitelA new way global warming kills birds
    Mate van erkenningInternational
    Media naam/outletBlog: 10.000 Birds
    Land/RegioUnited States
    Release datum17/11/2015
    BeschrijvingA new research project using Zebra Finches in semi-wild conditions indicates that for some bird populations a certain aspect of climate change may have a negative effect on the viability of populations by causing increased mortality in a subtle but significant way. The study looks at changes in the range of daily temperature variability. This has been looked at in other studies for ectotherms (the most obvious sorts of animals to be affected since they get their heat from ambient conditions) and elderly humans. This is the first study of this kind on birds, or that would relate directly to wild endotherms (the elderly humans do not live in the wild!).
    Producent / auteurGreg Laden
    PersonenSimon Verhulst, Michael Briga