Data stewardship on the map: A study of tasks and roles in Dutch research institutes

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Press release and announcements of the LCRDM report on the professionalisation of data stewardship


Periode20-mei-2019 → 23-mei-2019




  • TitelNew Report: “Data Stewardship on the Map: A Study Of Tasks and Roles in Dutch Research Institutes
    Mate van erkenningInternational
    Media naam/outletINFOdocket
    Release datum23/05/2019
    BeschrijvingDuring October 2018 through March 2019, a LCRDM task group, taking into account the prevailing uncertainty about the interpretation of data stewardship, worked on providing insight in what Dutch research institutes currently demand of data stewards and also what has been implemented and developed by and for them. Based on a literature study, analysis of recently published vacancies, a questionnaire and a series of interviews, a clear picture has been drawn of how data stewardship is currently implemented at Dutch institutes.
    Producent / auteurGary Price
    PersonenJoke Bakker, Christina Elsenga, Vincent Boxelaar
  • Titelオランダにおける研究データ管理の現状をまとめたレポートが公開される
    Mate van erkenningInternational
    Media naam/outletCurrent Awareness Portal
    Release datum20/05/2019
    Beschrijvingオランダの研究データ管理全国共同拠点(Landelijk Coördinatiepunt Research Data Management; LCRDM)が、オランダの研究機関における研究データ管理の現状をまとめたレポート”Data Stewardship on the map: A study of tasks and roles in Dutch research institutes”を公表しました。英語版・オランダ語版がそれぞれ公開されています。

    Producent / auteurNational Diet Library of Japan (NDL)
    PersonenJoke Bakker, Christina Elsenga, Vincent Boxelaar