Eye-movement Event Detection in Natural Viewing Activities

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    An online video on Youtube page of Data Science Center in Health at UMCG







    • TitelDASH Mini Lecture: Eye Movement Event Detection in Dynamic and Natural Conditions
      Release datum12/07/2022
      BeschrijvingThe video is presented by Ashkan Nejad, board member of our Machine Learning Lab and Early-Stage Researcher at Royal Dutch Visio and UMCG.

      It is a challenge for people with visual field disorders to perform everyday tasks that depend on a good visual overview. To help people with such a condition, an essential step is to quantify their gaze behaviour. However, there are no accurate gaze event detectors suitable for use in dynamic natural conditions, limiting research in such environments. In this project, Ashkan aims to design a gaze event detector for conditions where free head and body movements are possible.
      Producent / auteur DASH: Data Science Center in Health
      PersonenAli Rahmani Nejad