It’s a birds’ world: Climate change

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From seabirds to emperor penguins in Antarctica, climate change impacts all birds

Long interview on research in the first episode "Climate change" of a four-episode BBC series "It’s a birds’ world"





  • TitelIt’s a birds’ world: Climate change
    Mate van erkenningInternational
    Media naam/outletBBC World Service - The Compass
    Duur / lengte / grootte27'
    Land/RegioUnited Kingdom
    Release datum09/02/2022
    BeschrijvingOur relationship with birds has developed in ways we could have never have imagined, and today they are invaluable in alerting us to our greatest environmental challenge: climate change. As scientists have discovered, there are winners and losers. From seabirds on the Isle of May in Scotland to emperor penguins in Antarctica, climate change can have direct and indirect effects on birds; on their habitat, food supply, reproduction and migration. For some species, like the emperor penguins, time is running out, and their fate and that of the environment is in our hands.
    Producent / auteurSarah Blunt
    PersonenChristiaan Both