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It is our pleasure to inform you, that your PhD dissertation “Evaluation of Ultrasound and PET/CT in the Diagnosis of Giant Cell Arteritis” has been accepted for public defence.

Please find attached a copy of the assessment. The assessment has been confirmed by the members of the assessment committee either by their signature or by email (not included).

You cannot make any changes to the dissertation; this includes correction of typing errors, spelling mistakes and minor editorial changes. If a correction is necessary in order to understand the meaning of the text you may insert anamendment sheetin the printed version of the dissertation.

The PhD defence

At the public defence of your PhD dissertation, you will be expected to present a lecture on your work and be examined by members of the assessment committee. The lecture should last 45 minutes and the following examination can be expected to last approximately one hour.

Immediately after the defence, the assessment committee will inform you on whether or not you will be recommended for the PhD degree.

The defence is planned to take place on18 January 2019.

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  • TitelEvaluation of Ultrasound and PET/CT in the Diagnosis of Giant Cell Arteritis
    Release datum18/01/2019
    PersonenLiesbeth Brouwer