3C 236 CO maps

  • Labiano (Contributor)
  • García-Burillo (Contributor)
  • Combes (Contributor)
  • Usero (Contributor)
  • Soria-Ruiz (Contributor)
  • Tremblay (Contributor)
  • Neri (Contributor)
  • Fuente (Contributor)
  • Raffaella Morganti (Contributor)
  • Thomas Oosterloo (Contributor)



VizieR online Data Catalogue associated with article published in journal Astronomy & Astrophysics with title 'Fueling the central engine of radio galaxies. II. The footprints of AGN feedback on the ISM of 3C 236.' (bibcode: 2013A&A...549A..58L)
Datum van beschikbaarheid19-dec.-2012
UitgeverUniversity of Groningen

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