6.7GHz CH_3_OH maser in G24.78+0.08

  • Moscadelli (Contributor)
  • Rivilla (Contributor)
  • Cesaroni (Contributor)
  • Beltrán (Contributor)
  • Sánchez-Monge (Contributor)
  • Schilke (Contributor)
  • Mottram (Contributor)
  • Ahmadi (Contributor)
  • Veronica Allen (Contributor)
  • Beuther (Contributor)
  • Csengeri (Contributor)
  • Etoka (Contributor)
  • Galli (Contributor)
  • Goddi (Contributor)
  • Johnston (Contributor)
  • Klaassen (Contributor)
  • Kuiper (Contributor)
  • Kumar (Contributor)
  • Maud (Contributor)
  • Möller (Contributor)
  • Peters (Contributor)
  • Floris van der Tak (Contributor)
  • Vig (Contributor)



VizieR online Data Catalogue associated with article published in journal Astronomy & Astrophysics with title 'The feedback of an HC HII region on its parental molecular core. The case of core A1 in the star-forming region G24.78+0.08.' (bibcode: 2018A&A...616A..66M)
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