Additional file 1 of Polysaccharide utilization loci-driven enzyme discovery reveals BD-FAE: a bifunctional feruloyl and acetyl xylan esterase active on complex natural xylans

  • Lisanne Hameleers (Contributor)
  • Leena Penttinen (Contributor)
  • Martina Ikonen (Contributor)
  • L?a Jaillot (Contributor)
  • R?gis Faur? (Contributor)
  • Nicolas Terrapon (Contributor)
  • Peter Deuss (Contributor)
  • Nina Hakulinen (Contributor)
  • Emma R. Master (Contributor)
  • Edita Jurak (Contributor)



Additional file 1: Table S1. Spreadsheet of genetic polysaccharide utilization loci (PUL) context of BD-FAE and its 200 closest homologs obtained by BLASTp search against internal PULDB. Locus tags were completed with BLASTp bits score, e-values, sequence similarities and CAZyme specificities in the genomic context, based on the predicted PUL and human curation.
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