Additional file 1 of Prognostic imaging biomarkers for diabetic kidney disease (iBEAt): study protocol

  • Chrysta Lienczewski (Contributor)
  • Anil Karihaloo (Contributor)
  • Matthias Kretzler (Contributor)
  • Anna-Maria Dutius Andersson (Contributor)
  • Paola Pontrelli (Contributor)
  • Loreto Gesualdo (Contributor)
  • Kanishka Sharma (Contributor)
  • Matthew Welberry Smith (Contributor)
  • Kim M. Gooding (Contributor)
  • Angela C. Shore (Contributor)
  • Mark Ibberson (Contributor)
  • Hiddo Lambers Heerspink (Contributor)
  • Maria F. Gomez (Contributor)
  • Mark Gilchrist (Contributor)
  • Pirjo Nuutila (Contributor)
  • Irvin Teh (Contributor)
  • Michael Mansfield (Contributor)
  • Massimo Papale (Contributor)
  • Rosamonde E. Banks (Contributor)
  • Julie Bailey (Contributor)
  • Dennis Andress (Contributor)
  • Niina Koivuviita (Contributor)
  • Steven Sourbron (Contributor)
  • Kay Tobin (Contributor)
  • Kaj Metsärinne (Contributor)
  • Anna Zetterqvist (Contributor)
  • Alberto Garcia-Hernandez (Contributor)
  • Dick de Zeeuw (Contributor)
  • Claire Ball (Contributor)
  • Nicolas Grenier (Contributor)
  • Virva Saunavaara (Contributor)
  • Marlena Maziarz (Contributor)
  • Peter S. Gilmour (Contributor)
  • David Shelley (Contributor)
  • Sapna Puppala (Contributor)



Additional file 1: 1.1 MRI biomarkers. File type: PDF file. Title: List of primary MRI biomarkers. Description: A table listing the biomarkers that will be derived from the MRI data to address the primary objectives. 1.2 MRI acquisition protocol. PDF file. MRI acquisition protocol (reference scanner). MRI sequence parameters for the iBEAt protocol on the reference scanner (Siemens 3 T). 1.3 Renal ultrasound SOP. PDF file. Ultrasound Standard Operating Procedures. Standard operating procedures for Ultrasound scanning in iBEAt.
Datum van beschikbaarheid29-jun.-2020
UitgeverUniversity of Groningen
  • Prognostic imaging biomarkers for diabetic kidney disease (iBEAt): study protocol

    BEAt-DKD Consortium, Gooding, K. M., Lienczewski, C., Papale, M., Koivuviita, N., Maziarz, M., Dutius Andersson, A-M., Sharma, K., Pontrelli, P., Garcia Hernandez, A., Bailey, J., Tobin, K., Saunavaara, V., Zetterqvist, A., Shelley, D., Teh, I., Ball, C., Puppala, S., Ibberson, M., Karihaloo, A., & 16 anderenMetsarinne, K., Banks, R. E., Gilmour, P. S., Mansfield, M., Gilchrist, M., de Zeeuw, D., Heerspink, H. J. L., Nuutila, P., Kretzler, M., Welberry Smith, M., Gesualdo, L., Andress, D., Grenier, N., Shore, A. C., Gomez, M. F. & Sourbron, S., 29-jun.-2020, In: Bmc nephrology. 21, 1, 11 blz., 242.

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