Additional file 2 of Hmga2 protein loss alters nuclear envelope and 3D chromatin structure

  • Giuseppina Divisato (Contributor)
  • Andrea M. Chiariello (Contributor)
  • Andrea Esposito (Contributor)
  • Pietro Zoppoli (Contributor)
  • Federico Zambelli (Contributor)
  • Maria Antonietta Elia (Contributor)
  • Graziano Pesole (Contributor)
  • Danny Incarnato (Contributor)
  • Fabiana Passaro (Contributor)
  • Silvia Piscitelli (Contributor)
  • Salvatore Oliviero (Contributor)
  • Mario Nicodemi (Contributor)
  • Silvia Parisi (Contributor)
  • Tommaso Russo (Contributor)



Additional file 2: Table S1. Expression changes at 24h after the induction of differentiation in Hmga2 wt and KO cells.
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