Additional file 5 of Correction for both common and rare cell types in blood is important to identify genes that correlate with age

  • Dorret I Boomsma (Contributor)
  • Lude Franke (Contributor)
  • Annique Claringbould (Contributor)
  • Maartje Stutvoet (Contributor)
  • Harm Jan Westra (Contributor)
  • Slagboom (Contributor)
  • M. Arfan Ikram (Contributor)
  • Damiano Pellegrino Coppola (Contributor)



Additional file 5: Table S5. The number of total overlapping genes (upper part), the conservation of direction (middle part) and the percentage of genes associated with aging considering the discovery genes (lower part) is reported. EM, Extended Model; IM, Initial Model; GS1, gene set 1 from [3]; GS2, gene set 2 from [4].
Datum van beschikbaarheid16-mrt.-2021
UitgeverUniversity of Groningen
Datum van data-aanmaak15-mrt.-2021

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