Additional file 5 of Decadal stability in genetic variation and structure in the intertidal seaweed Fucus serratus (Heterokontophyta: Fucaceae)

  • Alexander Jueterbock (Contributor)
  • James A. Coyer (Contributor)
  • Jeanine Olsen (Contributor)
  • Galice Hoarau (Contributor)



    Corrected microsatellite data. Microsatellite data corrected for allelic dropout in Structure format. The first row contains the names of all 31 markers. The following rows contain the individual genotype data. Each individual is represented in 2 consecutive rows. The first column contains the name of the individual, the second row contains the population number that individual belong to. The following 31 columns show the alleles of each marker as microsatellites base pair lengths. The population numbers (1â 14) refer to the same sampling locations and times as in Additional file 4. (TXT 198 kb)
    Datum van beschikbaarheid15-jun.-2018
    UitgeverUniversity of Groningen

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