Additional file 6 of Yoghurt consumption is associated with changes in the composition of the human gut microbiome and metabolome

  • Aleksandr Kurilshchikov (Contributor)
  • Hana Koutnikova (Contributor)
  • Ruth C. E. Bowyer (Contributor)
  • Cristina Menni (Contributor)
  • Sasha Zhernakova (Contributor)
  • Tim D. Spector (Contributor)
  • Emily R Leeming (Contributor)
  • Caroline Ivanne Le Roy (Contributor)
  • Patrick Veiga (Contributor)
  • Mureil Derrien (Contributor)
  • Alessia Visconti (Contributor)
  • Mario Fachi (Contributor)



Additional file 6: Supplementary Table 5. Association between dairy fermented bacterial species (B. animalis subsp. lactis and S. thermophilus) and blood and phenotypical parameters associated with yoghurt consumption. Results were obtained by fitting linear mixed effect model where phenotypes and blood parameters were used as a response to species levels and BMI, sex, age, HEI and family structure were used as covariates.
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