Data from: Effects of experimental warming on biodiversity depend on ecosystem type and local species composition

  • Daniel S. Gruner (Creator)
  • Matthew E. S. Bracken (Creator)
  • Stella A. Berger (Creator)
  • Britas Klemens Eriksson (Creator)
  • Lars Gamfeldt (Creator)
  • Birte Matthiessen (Creator)
  • Stefanie Moorthi (Creator)
  • Ulrich Sommer (Creator)
  • Helmut Hillebrand (Creator)



The data package contains two datasets:
- Log response ratio effect sizes of community-level diversity responses to experimental warming, with covariates extracted from the literature for for meta-analysis.

- Field names and descriptions for data file: Log response ratio effect sizes and covariates for meta-analysis.

An analytical challenge in ecological meta‐analyses is that datasets are rarely balanced or fully independent across the full model matrix. Some variables may be collinear, whereas other factor level combinations are not possible (e.g. pelagic habitat in terrestrial system). To assess the potential influences of other environmental and procedural covariates altogether, we used a multimodel selection and averaging approach (Grueber et al. 2011).
Datum van beschikbaarheid25-jul-2016
UitgeverUniversity of Groningen
Geografische dekkingNational Science Foundation, United States

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